James Morton Educational Endowment Fund Donors

*indicates members of the YMCA of Greater Boston’s General Board

Thank you to the Donors Who Made This Possible

Hope A. Aldrich* and Vytas Simas
Arbella Insurance Foundation
Patricia and George Barnwell
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
The Boston Foundation
Daniel Brownell* and Kelley Laurel
Casey Carlson* and Bill Stone
Jeffrey* and Carolyn Carpenter
Jeff and Shannan Conway
Stephen Cormier*
Colleen Curran
Arielle Dawkins*
Susan Hanmer Farina* and Dino J. Farina
Joanne Gomes
Courtney Harrness
Neil Haynes*
William and Lauren Huyett

Andre M. Jones*
Denise Jordan
Connie and Bradford Kaufman
Evelyn C. Kaupp* and Dianne R. Phillips
Donna M. Kendall
William Kerrigan
The Lynch Foundation
Eileen M. MacNeil
Gwendolyn McCoy*
Matt* and Meredith McPherron
C. Ann Merrifield* and Wayne Davis
Tara M. Murphy* and Michael C. Andrews
Joel* and Lauren Murray
Charlayne Murrell-Smith*
Daniel F. O'Brien
Daniel O'Brien
Mary T. O'Leary and Dante Garland
The Parent Family*

Joan Parsons*
Rockland Trust
Catherine A. Saunders*
The Stuart Family*
Mary Sullivan Thomas
Sun Life Financial
Jeremy and Julianna Suratt*
Debra Taylor Blair*
The TJX Foundation
Alan* and Susan Tuck
The Tuney Family
Amy G. Turner and Paul H. Turner
Beverley Venables
Frederick A. Wang*/The Wang Foundation
Adam* and Ariel Winn
The YMCA African American CEO Network